All at Sea poses the following hypothesis:

Before taking to sea, one is taken over by their imagination. This is the time for artistic projects, when one is overcome by perspectives and the formation of ideas and concepts of what is to come. Once at sea, projects will prove unsuitable, as the real does not match the idea that we have: at sea the manifested real becomes an objection to our knowledge.

All at Sea then seeks out the following paradox:

The artists will be forced to question their own work, but the reality that the work will have generated thus far as a representation will remain operative as a cognitive practice. In response to this paradox, each artist will implement a strategy. This strategy should strive to encompass intellectual, emotional, practical, and technical spheres.

How does one create reality for themselves out of what they’re confronted with in the real world? All at Sea wants to contribute to the initial question of how cognition reaches an operative Representation of the Real through the renewal, and thereby rendered possibility of a multiplicity of artistic products, as well as the universality of art.

The outcome of the program will be curated, documented, and published/exhibited.