The implementation defines how the project will put the program into practice, and covers human resources, partnerships, technical means, the time frame, and financing.

  • Human resources include the artists, the curators and the sailing team (skipper, first mate, logistician, and route planner).
  • The artists – around 15 – will be chosen regarding an international call for applications. Certain artists may be approached and personally invited to participate.
  • The curators’ mission is to take care of the art positions that will have been exposed to the maritime space.
  • The output will be the curated changes of the art positions through documentation, publishing, and exhibitions.
  • Partnerships with curators and universities are currently underway.
  • The boat – as the main technical means – is already provided for the duration of the circumnavigation.
  • The circumnavigation will take place over a year, with a proposed starting date of May 2017. The journey will be broken up into five legs, allowing participating artists to join for roughly two-month periods. It will be followed by making the curated output public.

Over 20% of the financing for the project has already been covered. All at Sea is currently looking for new backers to help finance the project’s development. In addition to our existing partnerships with the BKA and Zer0 à l’infini, All at Sea is working on establishing further partnerships to realise the project.

Project Financing

Currently Funded 22%