Project Financing

Currently Funded

In order to transform the idea of the project into the reality of a program, All at Sea operates through the support and interest of institutions, sponsors and private patronage. Significant progress has already been made possible thanks to the patronage of Ms. Sarah Auer, the support of the Austrian Ministry of Culture (BKA) and the cooperation of the association Zer0 à l’Infini.

Ambassadors are an important part of the funding process, as they are essential in spreading word about the project through social media, personal contacts and via fundraising. If you are interested in being an official representative of All at Sea, get in touch with us.

We are always looking for backers to finance the development of the project in order for it to realise its full potential. If you are in a position to help fund the project, contact us or consider donating.

Our next step: to film a pitch video to promote the project and relay the founding ideas.
Our next milestone: to achieve a partnership with a university institute for art.