All at Sea centers around taking artists to sea on a circumnavigation, exposing them to a space free of references.
These pages explore the different components of the project and bring to light the necessary aspects that will make the project into a program.


The premise of the project rests on taking artists to sea. Find out more about the role of the artist, as well as participating.


A qualified skipper and first mate will man the boat. The rest of the crew will consist of artists.


While the project proposes a circumnavigation, it is the duration that is to be viewed as the event.


Zér0 is the boat provided for the duration of the sail. Administered by the Zéro à l’infini, she will be skippered by All at Sea members.


Thanks to the support of institutions, sponsors, and private patronage All at Sea has been able to make headway. Find out about our goals and what we need to get underway.


In addition to the team there are multiple partners and cooperative relationships that make All at Sea possible.