How does one recover the memory of a reality that is imposed on us yet instantly fades and reforms? How is it possible to make a representation of such a reality?

All at Sea proposes three conditions for answering these questions.

First, one must move into a place where such a reality becomes manifest. The sea is a reality that encapsulates the backdrop for these questions. Seen from the coast, the sea is an imagined and Promethean space. On the high seas, the only references are the ones brought by those who go there. These are of a technical as well as an emotional and intellectual kind.

Next, to provide a multiplicity of cognitive practices, the project will take artists to sea. Artists are key players when it comes to grabbing a reality that continuously questions everything. Thus, the multiplicity of cognitive practices are the ones used by the various artists at sea. Their artistic reflection of the world is diverse, as both an individual practice as well as a collective one. It is complex and pushes the boundaries of systems of meaning.

The participating artists may or may not share a common sensitivity to the main features of the project. The main criteria are the artistic position participants bring with them and the determination to sail.

Finally, to act beyond the event. This aspect is a way of pulling oneself out of the event ‘character’ in such an undertaking. This is provided by blue water sailing, finding oneself truly out of sight of land. The project will undertake a circumnavigation, where the duration of the event is necessary for questioning knowledge in a reality governed by the Uncertain.

“When we work for tomorrow or for the uncertain we are acting reasonably.” (Pascal , Pensées art . 14)